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PER Personal website
OCR OverClocked ReMix
RKO RKO C64 Mixes
MISC Other places to find music from that particular artist



Artist Description Links
Ashane Guitarist; various covers of different games; brother of House PER - VGM
analoq Guitarist & electronic artist; plays every instrument in his songs on keyboard (Except guitar, of course) PER - OCR - RKO
Alias Jack Band; now defunct; check Brian Davis PER
Advantage, The Band; Numerous covers; evolved from Generic PER
Ailsean Guitarist; numerous covers PER - OCR - VGM
Andrew Mummary & Eric Rockafeller Castlevania tribute (Scroll down the page) MISC
Axes of Wily Two-piece band; one cover (Mega Man 2) PER
Ansgaros   PER


Artist Description Links
BrainCells Brazillian guitarist; Metal mixes from various games OCR - VGM
Black Mages, The Rock band headed by composer Nobuo Uematsu; Final Fantasy covers PER - MISC
Button Mashers, The   PER
B.G.M. Band; punk-style covers (Japanese site) PER
Bitpop Guitarist; acoustic and rock stuff (Find songs under Bitpop? and Singel sections) PER
Brad Smith Guitarist; a couple acoustic and rock covers OCR
Blackseed Boys   PER
BornInCrimson Guitarist VGM


Artist Description Links
C24C Pop-punk band with an SMB cover PER
CarboHydroM French guitarist; punk covers from various games PER - OCR - VGM
Chromelodeon Six-piece band; Ninja Gaiden 2 album and some other covers PER
Crow'sClaw   PER
Christian Pacaud Guitarist OCR - VGM
Classic Smack Band; missing in action; several covers from various games MISC
Chikusho Sound Team Some rock covers; instruments sound synthetic OCR
Cursor Band in the Netherlands; Now defunct PER

Constant Mind
AKA EnderX
AKA Chris Stewart

Guitarist; missing in action PER - VGM


Artist Description Links
Daemon9623   MISC
Darangen Guitarist & pianist PER - OCR - VGM
Disturbed Pianist OCR - VGM
Dennis Guitarist and lyricist; plays in the band Dissolution PER - VGM - OCR
Dimmer Guitarist; one Super Mario Bros. cover OCR


Artist Description Links
Evil Adam Band; has several covers and a bunch of originals PER
Eric's Little Shack Guitarist and (ocassionally) vocalist; Numerous covers from different games and other sources PER
EgM Guitarist; Electric and acoustic covers PER - OCR - VGM
Eight Bit Twice Shy Guitarist; project currently in the works; some songs available PER
EmptyEye Bassist; a few covers PER - VGM
Estradasphere   PER - OCR
Eradicate   PER


Artist Description Links
FireGods, The Band; some covers PER
Fantasy Reborn Pianist; Final Fantasy cover project PER


Artist Description Links
Generic Now defunct; evolved into The Advantage PER
Game Over Four-piece band based in Sweden; has several songs PER - OCR
Gux Guitarist; Several covers, tons of originals PER - OCR - VGM
Grospixels Two-piece band with over 50 covers (French site) PER
gonzo Guitarist PER
Gwarth Guitarist; some VG covers PER
goat Guitarist; Many covers; working on a Castlevania 3 tribute album PER - VGM -OCR


Artist Description Links
House The Grate Guitarist; Various covers from different games. Brother of Ashane PER - VGM
Hale-Bopp Guitarist and lyricist PER
Hadyn Guitarist VGM
Hill Valley Preservation Society Band; covers of games and other various favorites, and originals PER
Haole Rot   PER
High Scores, The  


Artist Description Links
Ice Climbers, The Swedish Nintendo cover band PER
Inverted Silence Single Zelda cover PER
I-Chu Sound Studios   PER
Inheretics, The Band; formerly Everyone; covers of PC games, mostly PER


Artist Description Links
JAXX Guitarist; punk-style covers from various games OCR - VGM
Jenova Project Band; precursor to The Minibosses PER
Joe Darwish Project Australian guitarist & lyricist; one cover (The Ken Song) and a few originals PER - OCR - VGM
Jaquio   PER


Artist Description Links
Kareshi Pianist; plenty of game covers PER
Kadmuim Guitarist; several covers VGM
K. Praslowicz Guitarist; trademark "wall of sound" OCR - VGM
KLAX Pianist with a few covers PER


Artist Description Links
Live House S.S.H. Rock-based covers mostly using synthetic,computerized instruments; A few live tracks appear on their albums (Japanese site) PER
Leif Guitarist with a few covers PER - VGM
LuIza TSM Brazillian guitarist; one cover so far, but working on more VGM


Artist Description Links
Minibosses, The Four-piece band based in Arizona; plays Nintendo covers PER - OCR
Mario Systems, The Pianists; many game covers PER
Master Hatchet   VGM
McVaffe Pianist and sequencer; many songs OCR
Mattias Holmgren Guitarist with a single cover OCR
Machinae Supremacy Heavily VG-inspired; Also have several Commodore 64 covers PER - RKO
Michael Gum   PER - VGM
Motmotwarrior   PER
Mint Jam Band; some covers and a bunch of originals (Japanese site) PER - MISC
Mike Murphy   PER
Motherbrain! Band; acoustic Nintendo covers PER
Megalitia   PER
Midee Bassist & violinist OCR - VGM
Michael Huang   PER
mihaiway Guitarist; Nintendo Medley PER
Mega Driver Nino's band PER
Misterpunch   PER


Artist Description Links
NESkimos, The Band based in Florida; Nintendo covers PER
Norrin Radd Guitarist; Nintendo covers PER - OCR - VGM
Naoto Shibata Project Band headed by Naoto Shibata; Dracula Battle MISC
Nino Guitarist of the Brazillian band Mega Driver; lots of SEGA covers PER - VGM
Nintendo Power Band; show played live; old recordings MISC
Natthimmel Guitarist; game covers and game-inspired songs PER
Nintendopella A capella Nintendo covers (In case it wasn't obvious or anything) PER
Neskvartten   PER - OCR


Artist Description Links
oZZy Guitarist of the Grospixels PER
OneUps, The Jazz band headed by Mustin; some downloads available, album to come PER - OCR - VGM
Ozma Band; recently broke up; one cover (Tetris) MISC


Artist Description Links
Parasprinter, The Band with a few Nintendo covers PER
Project X Two-piece band; Complete coverage of Mega Man 2 & 3 soundtracks PER - OCR
Preludio   PER
Phantasia Band with some covers and originals (Japanese site) PER
Press Play on Tape Band with rockin' Commodore 64 albums; some free songs available PER - RKO
Power-Ups, The   PER
pingosimon Man of many instruments; has many game covers PER
Per Eiman    
priZm Guitarist; some heavy covers PER - OCR - VGM
Polaht   PER
Prozax Guitarist; some covers PER - OCR - VGM
Paragon Guitarist PER - VGM


Artist Description Links
Quarter-Circle Jab   PER
Quickshot Guitarist PER


Artist Description Links
Ryan8bit Guitarist; Many covers, full Castlevania 1 & 2 tributes PER - OCR - VGM - MISC
Repliforce Three-piece band; two albums and some other misc. stuff PER
Rexy Pianist and sequencer; some covers OCR - VGM
Rize Guitarist; several VG covers OCR - VGM
Roggah Guitarist with some covers VGM
Rosencrantz&guildensterN Two-piece band; experimental rock with electronic elements PER - OCR


Artist Description Links
SnappleMan Guitarist; covers from various games OCR - VGM
Shawn Phase Guitarist; the lone member of Temp Sound Solutions; VG covering machine PER
Shane Barnes Guitarist; Covers from various games PER - VGM
Stemage Metroid Metal; Metroid covers done in metal style PER - VGM
Saint 420 Guitarist; a few covers, some originals PER - OCR
Schico Band; some covers (Japanese site) PER
Spelunker   PER
Space Cowboy Guitarist; plays for Classic Smack MISC
Spunkman   PER
Sumppi AKA Play by Numbers Guitarist; Commodore 64 covers PER - VGM
Select Start   PER - OCR - VGM
Spekkosaurus Pianist & sequencer OCR
Seifer Guitarist; A few covers, some originals PER


Artist Description Links
tibone Guitarist PER - VGM
trickwaters Pianist; many covers and originals PER - VGM
Tony Thai Guitarist; mostly known for his contributions to VGMusic OCR
Terasima Pianist (Japanese site) PER
Tranquil Chaos Guitarist; two covers VGM
Spamtron AKA Guerin Guitarist; several covers PER
Taika Guitarist; one cover from an obscure game OCR
tumult   VGM


Artist Description Links
  Your Name Could be Here!  


Artist Description Links
Virt VG music composer and remixer PER - VGM
Vigilante Guitarist; Somewhat blues-style covers OCR
Vomitron Guitarist; Contra cover + Originals PER
Video Game Pianist Pianist; formerly the Blind-Folded Pianist PER


Artist Description Links
  Your Name Could be Here!  


Artist Description Links
XMark Guitarist; many covers; also composes original VG soundtracks PER - VGM
xBlitzerx Guitarist; Guardian Legend cover MISC
xFormz Not much info on this one PER


Artist Description Links
  Your Name Could be Here!  


Artist Description Links
Zoast Guitarist; Acoustic and rock covers from various games PER - VGM
zyko Guitarist; loads of covers and original material PER - OCR - VGM
ZOMBIE Guitarist; several covers VGM


Artist Description Links
8-Bit Weapon   PER


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